dilluns, 29 de novembre de 2010

Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning interview with FLYP

Frankie Manning tribute video

dimecres, 17 de novembre de 2010

Charleston meets Lindy hop

Lindy hop radio

KCEA - 89.1 FM · Music and memories
This internet radio station plays big band music from the 30's and 40's, 24 hours a day. Featuting a library of over 1.000 albums and compact discs of the big band era, which is always expanding.

Radio Dismuke
Features original recordings from the 1925-1935 decade and can be heard at no cost from anywhere in the worl by anyone with an internet connection.

Savoy Style

Archives of Early Lindy Hop

Savoy Ballroom

Lindy hoppers al món

The lindy Hop. com
List of Lindy Hop and Swing dance related websites.

Edinburg Swing Dance Society
The home of lindy hop in Scotland.

The London swing Dance Society
Swing & Lindy hop dancing events in London.

Lindy Hop Italy
Il primo sito italiano interamente dedicato al Lindy Hop!

Swedish Swing Society

Lindy Hop Porto